008 :: ashley beaudin on leading with encouragement + loving through the little things

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ashley beaudin fire and wind co

Ashley is...

the founder of Fire and Wind, Co. She is a leadership mentor for women, a heartfelt community builder and one of the most important gifts she brings to our world is her capacity to encourage those around her. I found Ash through her twitter party, #fireandwindco, which she hosts every Tuesday at 9pm ET. I fell in love with her vision and that's why I wanted her on the show.

In the episode we talk: the pros and cons to rebranding, putting connection over numbers, challenges that arise when you're committed to being in alignment with your truth and so much more. I'm super excited to share this one with you! If you haven't already, check it out.

My biggest takeaways:

  • "We don't need another template, we need you." Somewhere along the way, so many of us decide that the only way people will love us or the only way that we'll find success is if we water ourselves down, leave out a few pieces of ourselves, wear a mask or mold ourselves into what we're told we need to be. This is a myth. We have enough of the same; what we need is your whole self.
  • "What's burning inside of you? What must you share with the rest of us?" This is a beautiful place to start, restart or come back to when thinking about your purpose or mission in this life.
  • "Make time to dialogue with your heart. Your heart is the biggest resource you have." This one speaks for it self. A friends of mine sometimes asks me: "How is your heart?" Personally, I think that's a question we should constantly be asking ourselves and others.

Mentioned Resources:

  • During this episode, Ashley mentions The Firework Box, an encouraging box subscription that she created. These are no longer available, which is sad BUT one of her newer offerings, The Living Room, is like a digital version of what we talked about, but seems even better!   
  • Heather Crabtree, Business Mentor for Creative Entrepreneurs
  • Hannah Brencher, Founder of The World Needs More Love Letters 

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Andréa Ranae