003 :: ashley marie wilson on being a mama, wife, rebel + visionary and making it all sacred

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ashley marie wilson sacred rebel

Ashley is...

a Brand Writer and Marketing Strategist and the Founder of Sacred Rebel. Sacred Rebel is a space for visionaries, creatives and movement builders to cultivate purpose-driven strategies. Ashley and I first connected over her mission/vision + our dedication to Moroccan Mint Tea (yummm).

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Golden Nuggets:

  • "Visionaries are rebellious people that have something sacred sitting inside of them."
  • "If it's hard for me it's probably because I'll need to teach somebody else the details."
  • "If I'm drained, I'm not gonna be any good for my family or for my clients."
  • "True professionalism is excellence."
  • "Whatever you're doing, be excellent in it." (click to tweet)
  • When it comes to self-care: "No matter what you do, the world can wait."
  • "Yes, you have a community that you serve, but at the end of the day if you're not okay, everything you produce is not going to be of it's highest value."
  • Before you dive deep into branding, ask yourself: "Why should people care?"
  • "If you want something that's sustainable. If you want something that could really change your life and have where it's real and not just on a whim of popularity, you have to be more than just the logo or the business card – you have to have a voice."
  • "Why would I ever make myself small so that somebody else can wrap their minds around what I do?"
  • "I want to do my business in a way that shows that you can love God with all your heart and still be a fierce business woman."
  • On the fear of giving everything away: "Don't be stingy with what you have to teach or offer or share."
  • "Honor what you've been called to do." (click to tweet)

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