006 :: ev'yan whitney on embracing the taboo in service of sexual liberation

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Ev'yan is...

a sexuality doula. She supports women in stepping out of their sexual shame and into their erotic power. She does this by facilitating, educating and empowering women to step away from the things that keep them from being sexually free.

In this episode, we talk about her journey to this beautiful work she does with her community, how she approaches her partnership with her husband and her friendships outside of her coaching work and the self-care practices that make her feel nourished and free.

You can find her and all of her social media profiles at sexloveliberation.com.

Golden Nuggets and Resources

  • "I have to allow this work to unfold the way it needs to."
  • "Resistance can be a warning sign... Is this healthy resistance or is this resistance hindering the work?"
  • "Intuition has been driving the ship, curiosity has been my map."
  • "My sensitivity is a superpower."
  • "That intuition – that deep inner knowing is a superpower."
  • Always remember to be playful and curious.
  • You can't be your own support system. Lean on the resources around you.


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