002 :: mira joleigh (of #ambitionista) on being a radical introvert + using intuition as your guide

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mira joleigh ambitionista

Mira is...

a life coach for ambitious women in their 20s based in Los Angeles and the founder of the #Ambitionista movement. She's free spirited, radically adventurous and and INFJ.

You can connect with Mira on twitter @MiraJoleigh or on Facebook.

Golden Nuggets:

  • "If you're harboring some big picture vision for yourself that you're still afraid to step into, you're not the only one and that's normal."
  • "Intuition is not a thinking process, it's a feeling process."
  • "If what you're doing feels good, do more of that. If what you're doing feels bad, do less of that."
  • On social justice and privilege: "Just the fact that I am white gives me this invisible pass to all of these things in the world and even the ability to not have to think about race at all."
  • "Whatever you're afraid of right now is probably the very next thing you need to conquer."

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