15 Signs You're A Heart-Led Visionary

Sometimes, you just need a couple nuggets of affirmation to let you know that you're not the only one and you're a vital part of the change-making process. I got you.

1. You see more for the world around you.

You might have grown up wondering why things are the way they are – why they aren't different. The state of the world is frustrating and you know it can be better. You imagine new ways of doing and being everyday.


You can't spend a lot of time around people who are content with the status quo. Complacency and stagnation? You are not about that life.

3. You’ve found a way to cope with the big and small injustices you notice (or experience) everyday.

Whether it's turning off the news and pulling up Netflix, being out on the front lines organizing for justice and everything in between, you have a few go-to strategies for when the world around you gets a bit too real.

4. When you're passionate, you give it everything you've got.

You either dive deep or chill on the sand. There is no in between for you. You don't got time for that.

5. You burn out often because you care so much for everyone else.

You have an expansive heart and with everything going on around you, it's way too easy for you to forget to care for yourself and allow others to care for you. So feel like your brain is fried and you get exhausted or sick. 

6. YOU HAVE A TON OF amazing IDEAS AND find it hard to STICK TO just ONE.

You struggle to put all of your energy into one project, cause or movement because you see the importance in all of them! 

7. You struggle to be present in the moment.

You'd rather be thinking, dreaming and creating what's to come. Focusing on what's happening right now isn't as interesting.

8. You’ve been called unrealistic, naive, ungrounded and/or illogical.

Who you are and how you think can make others uncomfy sometimes. When you expect more from people who aren't willing to expand, they often try to discredit you and put you in your place.

9. You’ve also been called wise, creative, inspiring and/or insightful.

When you share your thoughts, ideas and vision with people who are more inclined to growth, your are often celebrated. These are the people who love, support and uplift you.

10. You can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

The insight you have can make you feel tremendous responsibility into your life and it can leave you feeling like it's up to you to fix the problems presented in front of you.

11. you get overwhelmed because there's so much to be done. 

And you wonder if what you're doing is enough. (Pssst... it is).

12. You're great at seeing the bigger picture during challenging situations.

When obstacles come up, many of us focus on how the obstacle affects ourselves. You focus on how it affects all that are involved. You care about the ripple effect.

13. You're the designated advice-giver or you take on the role of a mediator during conflict.

When your friends and family have a problem or something they're grappling with, they come to you because you always give them a new perspective.


It can be tough to live your truth and ask others to do the same in a world that values comfort and safety over vulnerability and connection. You do it anyway.

15. You see the light in everyone.

When most see "damaged goods", you see potential.


Which of these spoke to you? Anything I missed? Let me know in the comments below.

Andréa Ranae