The foundation that the Wellness + Coaching industries were built on is ridden with various forms of oppression.


As leaders and consumers,

we sustain this legacy through our everyday practices, how we engage with the people + world around us and how we engage with ourselves.

Without moving to unlearn, dismantle and hold ourselves accountable so that we might cultivate different ways of being, the offerings that are meant to support, heal and grow us will consistently be used as tools of marginalization, domination and dehumanization.


These classes are an opportunity to unpack, reflect + get free.



These will dive into the ways specific forms of oppression show up and undermine the work we wish to do in the world & on ourselves and offer space to explore what it might take to choose to put more liberatory ways of being into practice.


Each class will include:

  • a two-hour live class via zoom

  • opportunity for Q&A dialogue

  • access to the video + audio recordings

  • access to a pdf of the content 

  • a one-hour group integration call (two weeks after)


  • For one class: $97

  • for two classes: $180

  • for all three classes: $250

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The Color of Wellness

In this class, we will give name to the cultural beliefs and ways of being that uphold anti-blackness and white supremacy specifically within wellness, spiritual, healing and growth spaces.

For black, brown and indigenous folx, this will offer you space to take a look at what you've internalized from this system of oppression, how you might perpetuate it in your relationships with yourself, others and these industries and what it could look like to center yourself and other colonized people in service of your wellbeing, growth and/or leadership.

Because of this topic and the industries this is taking place within, this might be a majority white space, and although I work to center you (black, brown and indigenous peeps) in my work, that doesn't mean white nonsense won't take place. I encourage you to prioritize your experience and learning over the comfort and education of the white folx in the room. 

For white (and white-presenting) folx, this will support you in understanding the privilege, access and power you take for granted within these spaces and explore what you might do to use the resources you have to truly live out your values and vision. This will not be a space that caters to your comfort. Hold yourself accountable for the ways you choose to engage in this class.

July 10TH AT 3PM EST*

*missed this? that's okay, you can still sign up and get in on this through the recordings!


manifesting patriarchy

In this class, we will give name to the cultural beliefs and ways of being that uphold gender-based oppressions like transphobia/cissexism and patriarchy specifically within wellness, spiritual, healing and growth spaces.

If you're non-binary, gender non-conforming and/or trans: this will offer you space to unpack your own experiences of gender-based violence, how  and explore self/life-affirming ways you can show up in these spaces.

Because of this topic, the industries this is taking place within and my own, limited network, I can assume that this class will be filled with majority cis people. While I'll do my best to subvert cis-nonsense (within myself and others) and center your experiences, I can't guarantee that harm won't occur (though I am willing to address it directly if it does) – but should you choose to sign up, I invite you to use this an opportunity to care for and center yourself.

If you're cisgender (meaning you identify with the gender you were assigned at birth), this class will speak to ways you benefit from and are possibly harmed by patriarchy, as well as what it can look like to wield your power + privilege within the contexts of the wellness/coaching industries in both harmful and liberatory ways. My most important intention with this class is to center the lived experiences of trans, non-binary and gender non-comforming folx. Check yourself accordingly as you engage in this space.

Rescheduled for August 14 @ 7pm est

*missed this? that's okay, you can still sign up and get in on this through the recordings!


Weaponized Gifts

In this class, we will give name to the cultural beliefs and ways of being that perpetuate classism, capitalism and ableism specifically within wellness, spiritual, healing and growth spaces.

This will be an opportunity to take a look at how we each participate in, benefit from and are harmed by these systems and ways of being. And we'll also explore how we can share + receive the gifts and blessings we hold as healing balms rather than violent weapons. 

We each have our stories, traumas and beliefs around money, work, access, etc. but some of us are more affected or have had to navigate more around class and disability than others. If that's you, and you feel sensitive to the this subject, I encourage you to take care of yourself in whatever way you need to during this class. If you have class privilege or able-bodied privilege, get curious about any discomfort or resistance that surfaces during this class. 

rescheduled for september 4 at 3PM EST



*20% of total proceeds will be split between three causes + organizations: Brave space alliance, raices texas and the #freesiwatu fund.

**There are a limited number of pay what you choose spots available prioritizing black, brown, indigenous, trans, gnc, and/or disabled folx. email me at with the "summer class pwyc" in the subject line.


Answers to your questions:

Is this for me?

This is for anyone who is regularly engaging in communities concerning wellness, coaching, spirituality, yoga, etc. Whether you're a practitioner, coach, teach, consumer or student, the content of these classes will be relevant to you.

Can I sign up for after the live class has passed?

Yes! But not for long. The cart for all classes will close on September 8th. If the class has passed, you will be sent the recordings and materials.

I may offer these classes again but that is still to be determined. 

I'm new to one or more of these topics, should i still sign up?

This is not necessarily a beginner or 101 space – if there are words in the descriptions above that you don't understand or have never heard before, I encourage you to go hang out in Googletown, after signing up, and start to clarify those things for yourself before showing up to class or checking out the recording.

I'm in (or interested in or have done) your program, coaching as activism. how are these different?

Coaching as Activism (CAA) is a program that is specifically for coaches, healers, counselors, spiritual teachers and other transformative leaders who wish to take a deep dive into how systems of oppression show up in their work and life + explore more liberatory ways of being. This requires a commitment of around 3 months, at the least.

These classes are connected to that work, but separate. This content is not included in CAA and is supplementary to the work happening within the program.