Where we are supported (on all levels) to live our lives as we wish – no matter our race/ethnicity, gender, class, ability, size, or nationality. where we honor our differences, our bodies, our humanity, our planet. Where we each take responsibility for our individual and collective wellbeing. Where care and nourishment are abundant and accessible.

What kind of world do you want to live in?

What are you doing to create that?


Intentional change requires leadership.

Many of us have internalized untrue beliefs that leadership is about being in a position of power and that power is inherently harmful.

I'm interested in supporting you to realize the power in your position and use it, not only for your benefit, but for the benefit of others.

You have so much on your side: your heart, your vision, your identities, your experiences and your gifts.

Now, let's put it into action.



You + me: Digging deep into your vision, your impact and what you need to do to make change happen in your life, business and community.

Because our world could definitely use your contribution, but before anything else, our world needs you.


a group program for coaches, healers + leaders who have a deep desire to make an impact in their community and world.

We do our work to help others and hopefully change the world. This is an opportunity to go deeper and make our work our activism.


invite me to join you in your upcoming event, retreat,  program, conference or podcast!