Love, Manifesting

a collection of poems and prompts for those seeking love and justice

as injustice becomes...

more visible, more felt and more popularized, you may feel surprised or exhausted or pissed off or energized or scared.

No matter what you're feeling, if you're down for the struggle and doing your part in working toward our collective liberation, I hope this booklet offers you a moment to rest, to breathe, to feel and/or to build. 

This PDF download includes:

15 poems, 15 reflection prompts, 16 illustrations (by Alina Ortiz Salvatierra)

And it's currently free!

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*I left the price open to donations (which would support me in facilitating spaces for us to do the inner work of revolution) – feel free to give if you feel so moved. If that's not possible for you right now, let it be free (but please share with your peeps)! 

I appreciate you!


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